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Gritt offers mentoring, coaching, avalanche education, and supports kids to get into the outdoors through action sports. We focus on skiing, snowboarding, climbing and mountain biking.

We create sporting pathways through inspiration and inclusivity, while facilitating progression to the highest level.

Craig and Charlie Murray building a ski jump at a Gritt skiing camp

The Problem

Barriers exist preventing kids from getting outside, participating in adventure sports, and continuing to high achievement. Gear and transport are expensive, coaching is needed to excel, and there is a lack of diverse leadership and mentorship roles. Gritt exists as a way that successful athletes can use their skills to inspire more sports participation at all levels, and continue a proud tradition of kiwis punching above their weight on the world stage.

Charlie Murray racing his mountain bike on the Enduro World Cup

What is Gritt?

Gritt isn't a traditional coaching business, and it's not a way for us to make some extra cash. We started Gritt as a way to give more kids inspiration and opportunities to be in the outdoors. A core belief we hold is that skiing, snowboarding, and mountain biking, shouldn't just be for the rich. Experiences in the outdoors are for everyone, and making adventure sports more accessible is a primary goal of ours. We do this by minimising cost to kids attending our camps and being part of the mentoring program, taking camps to places that don't have established coaching, and helping deserving kids get into safer and better gear. The only way this is possible is through the generous support of our sponsors, camp location partners, and the many volunteer hours that the team behind Gritt put in. 

Our Plans

We simply want to get more kids excited about getting outdoors, and pursuing their passions to the highest level. We'll achieve this through inspiration, camps, mentorship, and funding. Being athlete led and acting on all of these factors makes Gritt a unique program that can expand the accessibility of adventure sports. We'll have the best athletes in the world passing on their knowledge and energy to inspire the next generation. Our coaching camps and mentoring programs will be the main ways we make this happen, check them out for more details.

More Info

Get familiar with our purpose and motivations.

The Gritt crew relaxing before a skiing camp.
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