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We're connecting current athletes with up and coming kids to support their sporting progression.

Charlie Murray celebrating the NZ team winning Trophy of Nations

What is Gritt Mentoring?

We’re offering a mentoring program that focuses on youth progression. Whether it’s simply exposure to the outdoors, getting going in a sport, or taking skills to the biggest stages in the world. We’re connecting top athletes with motivated up and comers to smooth out their journey and help the next generation succeed in not just their sport, but also wider athlete life.

We are currently in a pilot year and grateful to have some of the world's best athletes putting their names forward to buddy up with a younger athlete in their respective fields.


Who's involved?

​These are the mentoring pairs for our pilot year, and the sports they're focusing on:

  • Jamesa Hampton - Joe Cookson | Freeride Skiing

  • Jess Hotter - Poppy Freeman & Georgia Chambers | Freeride Skiing

  • Craig Murray - Ruby Hewitt | Freeride Skiing

  • Ben Richards - Harry Rowden | Freeride Skiing

  • Sammie Maxwell - Maria Laurie | Mountain Bike XC

  • Charlie Murray - Sam Hewitt | Enduro Mountain Biking & Freeride Skiing

  • Nico Porteous - Kazuma Saka | Freestyle Skiing

Meet the team


What are we working on?

  • Mental skills

  • Providing training resources in collaboration with Tātai Whetū Waitaha 

  • Building an athlete portfolio

  • Travelling how-to

  • Intros and sponsorship connections

  • Working on barriers

  • Goal setting

  • Training tips

If you've got any questions, comments, or want to help support our mentoring program please get in touch!

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